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[ starving bohemian in Paris ]

.... I wish

Shonen Kakumei
1 June
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-Um, having fun until this late...
When I get back I gotta make lunch for tomorrow right away.
Um, what should I make?
There's some salmon left, so some salmon and...
then boil some asparagus and fix some omelet real quick.
Usually we just the leftovers from dinner, see,
since there's just Himemiya and me...
What a mess. What'll I do?
I can't think of anything.
Salmon, and asparagus and omelet, but what else?
What should I do?
Hey, what do you think? Maybe sandwiches?
If I mix the asparagus and salmon in with some mayonnaise, break in a boiled egg.
I don't know. What'll I do?
Oh man, isn't there anything else?
I can't remember.
And those are sitting out too, will they be okay?
We always put them into, you know, and in the fridge... but today...

What is eternity?

--Weren't the stars beautiful tonight?

-"Well, we would have to fill in the stream with concrete."
--"But then where would the naiads go?"
-"To my house of course. But I'd need a bigger bubble bath."
--"Well you could turn the forest into a giant bubble bath!"
-"Build it and they will come..."
-- ...

::OooooOooh my::


"I bashed myself"